Hello, from your writer and artist, Hannah.

“Have you been eating well?” (Bap meogeosseoya?) A Korean girl asked me. I had the same reaction when I first heard this phrase. Intrigued, I said, “Yeah, duh, although I guess I don’t look like I have”. Admit it’s strange wording, I replied in a fairly insensible manner. Astonishingly this phrase is pretty common in South Korea, as a matter of fact, it means, ‘How are you?’ It is to show your concern for someone’s well-being. You would have guessed by now, her reaction to my clueless reply. Perhaps, I should have begun with a clear overview of what happened and how I ended up in that conversation.

It all started,

When my flight departed,

I was sitting on the seat and oh,

the furnace of the heat,

As the time passed,

I grazed upon the oceans vast,

How did I end up here, after all I did was a mere

11th of July. A day I thought would cease just like any other normal day. Yet, God had better plans.

I kicked off the day, with a bothersome bath, and a vexing morning routine (tbh, nothing in particular). Besides, my immortal gift of planning timetables has stood unutilized till now. Although I did look up the executing factor. Might I add, that I have the most haphazard way of getting things done. Hence, I’d rather be stock-still, than do something in a comatose mood. That day couldn’t get any better, I had my pre-eminent thoughts conceived, as well as my audacity. As a matter of fact, that was a pioneering moment for me. Later that day, I detected some sort of borderline visitation in my premises. Evidently, it was my old man (a.k.a dad), he was up to something…

He exhibited a whole substantial essay on how I should get into an art competition which is directed at teenagers (An Indo-Korean art competition) and exploited it (in a good way though). I wasn’t having it until he flaunted the winning prize of the rivalry. I tried so hard not to wear off my intention of not getting involved in competitions, as I was on cloud nine, with my exams getting over, preferred tennis opens on the run, on the due of summer, and so on and so forth. However, unlike my thoughts, I wind up agreeing to the deal, even if I had to miss a momentous evening with my DNA homies (cousins). I just had to do some justice to my passion and purpose in due course. Yet, what do I draw?

Hat tip to my saviour (the designer of infinity), I wouldn’t last a day without him.

I could state myself as an adequate creative individual. Surmising so, I submerged into the cosmos of art, perhaps overrated. I had a perplexing idea… a fine stirring concept I thought it was, seemingly it stood startling. Prior to the completion of the piece, I went through a lot of capitulating trauma, and a series of weeping. Don’t get me wrong, all my wailing was sensible (to me at least). Besides, I was regretful and miserable during the course of execution.

Given the fact that I didn’t want to submit my piece as I knew beforehand, the institution’s conditions. I just had put so much blood and sweat into it (I ain’t exaggerating) that I wasn’t pleased with the fact that I had to hand over the amazing piece of mine. On top of that, I was determined on account of my dad and mom, who encouraged me to complete the work (tbh nothing could get any better if it wasn’t for their support). 

My work embraces things on the run and BTS (behind the scenes) of some sights I’ve recognized. Thus, I justified it through a concept tagged as travel diaries. It comprises a public vehicle (bus) and a passenger train. I was indeed smug. The authenticity of the piece seized my eyes. I believe my mentors and instructors played a big role in enlightening my creativity. They stood soft and tranquil, admitting my naive responses. In fact, my school also played a major role in enhancing my level of interest towards art (Thx to Navadisha and APL). More gratitude to my clan (family), they established greater sanguined desires than I. I was fairly intrigued, this meant so much to me, not only because I happened to be skilled at a certain task, but because I had people to encourage and ease my anti-positive thoughts away.

Semi-Final Work done on June 23, 2023. Picture: Hannah

My illumination was somewhat done… I glimpsed at it and gave it a scan. Eventually, I figured, it’s better if I care less, as it’s gonna be nowhere near my hand. Free from doubt, I shoved it to my dad, in an inconsiderate tone, though I did feel solace, at that point in time. Time to hand it over, cheerio to all my effort… now, let’s wait.

Special thanks to:

Appaayi (Paternal Grandmother) – a good artist who never exploited her talent. She uplifted me and helped me flourish in this field of mine. She cheers me up with her unique ideas and creative concepts.

Saranya Akka – gifted art teacher, child-friendly and supportive. She is a dazzling mentor, who brought inspiration and light to my journey in art. I still remember the moments when I stood amazed, admiring the works of her. Her simplicity and elation when carrying out a piece energised me.

Mr. Thirumaran – an untiring artist even at this age, he was a splendid creator, and his works are significant and influential. He taught me the importance of art and urged me on the path of design. Check out ( Insta id: innovarty17)

Ms. Aishwarya- taught me about the current procedures, and how to go about them. Her gentle way of teaching trained and tuned my techniques and concepts.

And, predominantly I will always be grateful to Jesus, an everlasting friend of mine. Besides, I can’t express my gratitude through words, yet I will hold you as my comrade.

About the author

Hannah is a Grade 11 student at APL Global School, Thoraipakkam, Chennai. An artist, writer, and a photographer. Passionate about music, and gets along with any sports. Hobbies such as journal writing, and trying unique mediums of art interest her. She won an art competition conducted by K-Art International Juvenile Art Competition held at Busan, South Korea between the 3rd and 10th August 2023. The competition was presented by K-Art, Korea in partnership with InKo Centre, India and several other partners. There were 28 Indian school-going teenagers from India and an equal number from South Korea and Japan. Semi-finalists from all these countries were shortlisted and finals were held at Busan, South Korea. She won gold among the Indian participants, not only for participating but also for exchanging ideas, visiting places, sharing their culture and experiencing close connection with Indian culture. K-Art International Exchange Association chairperson Ms Suk Heo gave away the award.